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Since my childhood I was always fascinated by the Chinese, Korean and Japanese porcelains beauty. As a child I was very curious about the supposed meaning behind the symbols and paintings contemplated.

Later on, I could learn about the roots, different styles evolution and production periods, having developed a great admiration for the beauty and simplicity of ceramics as well as the creativity and technical mastery from the Song period potters in China.

Those works, are done on potter's wheel with Limoges porcelain. I have dedicate and focus my attention in the realization of medium and small pieces, trying to establish a good harmony and relationship between the shape and type of glaze . Glazes are of our own, result of a permanent search. The second firing is carried out at high temperature, 1280º C in a reducing atmosphere.

Copyright, Dhi Dhi art studio all rights reserved, Renato Sérgio Rosado 2016 . 

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