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We established our studio in 2003, between the sea and mountains in the south of Portugal.

It was a great challenge and a great opportunity for growth as human beings.

The idea came from a need for contact with nature and directly feel it´s beats.

We had the opportunity to focus on our inner life, as explorers in search of dormant treasures, discovering the richness of the connection between what we see and what we are. In this context, concentration and free confidence in the process of material transformation become the most important key´s to develop our work and allows the creative power flow.

Trough assiduous work, we became aware of  the  gestual language importance and inherent rhythms and cadences for the mastery of technical implementing on the creation process.

That experience, combined with imagination, creativity and the free flow of gestual performance, lead us to the discover unexpected aesthetic elements, such as asymmetry or imbalance, revealing unconventional imperfections  as forms of perfection.

We try not contain creativity, by technical restrictions,  traditional or conventional aesthetic values.


Creativity emerges as an irrepressible expression that comes from within.


Copyright, Dhi Dhi art studio all rights reserved, Renato Sérgio Rosado 2016 . 

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