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Vocatinal education


Born in 1959, Beira, Mozambique


1972   Mozambique. First   contact   with the clay. Discovery of the transformation properties and working  possibilities of the material,  modeling the human form,  execution of the first plaster mould .


1983 Switzerland, Lausanne -Having a great desire to explore ways of expression, I managed to create the conditions for working with intensity on drawing, painting and making sculptures in terracotta.


1991   Initiation   into the   potter's  wheel  work,  clay extraction and preparation , glazes and basic primitive firing techniques, Lausanne, Switzerland.

1992   Development   of  personal work in stoneware, at José Campo´s  workshop.  Initiation  to  Raku.


1993   Residence  at  Claude Robitaille´s  workshop in Québec  city for to create several sculptures in terracotta.


1994    Introduction and study of Tibetan Buddhist
 iconography.  Carrying  out a set of sculptures.


1995 Admission to the of Applied  Arts  School  in Vevey,  Switzerland,  Centre Doret ,

 under the guidance  of  Jacques  Kaufman

                                    Fabienne   Gioria
                                    Monica Stocker

                                    Dominique  Grange

                                    Dina  Papagiorgiu

                                    Florant  Zeller

                                    Joelle  Bellenot

                                    Sophie  Honnegger

                                    Peter Fink.


1996     Workshop with   Philippe  Barde.

1997     Workshop with   Adrian   Knüssel.

1998     Workshop with   Satoru  Hoshino.

1998     Workshop with   Ewen Henderson.


1999   Obtainment of the diploma from the Applied Arts School in Vevey.


2000    Work   as   sociocultural   collaborator .  Socio Cultural   Association   from   the  city  and  the Hand Museum ( Verdun Museum )  in Lausanne.


2001   Personal   work of research, for to start a ceramic craft production  workshop and for to develop specific working tools for people with physical  and mental disability. In need of protected work environment in Vevey, Switzerland.


2003/2016   Opening a personal   workshop for creation and production   in   Tavira ,  Portugal,  giving special attention to the technical and aesthetic research.   Exploring  in  two and   three dimensions.

2004   Person in charge,  for the  transmission  of basic techniques for working with clay, for a youth group at  Nazaré´s summer camp, Portugal.




1999    Selected work exposed by the Decorative Arts Museum of Lausanne. Contemporary   ceramics  exhibition. Young  creators from Suisse  Rommande.


2009/2012   Permanent  exhibition   at   Wabi  Sabi  space gallery  in Tavira, Portugal.


2015   Exhibition  at the Warehouse  space gallery, from White & Kaki in  Almancil, Portugal.



My work can be seen and purchased  in our Studio in Tavira and at the Warehouse from White & Kaki  in Almancil, Portugal.

Copyright, Dhi Dhi art studio all rights reserved, Renato Sérgio Rosado 2016 . 

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